Percussion Massage 

Deep Tissue Percussion Massage

We all love to spend hours in the gym, pushing ourselves to the limit, and discovering what our bodies are physically capable of. But what happens after an intense workout? Our muscles are left with soreness and are also in need of attention.

As recovery is an integral part of a balanced workout routine, much care and attention must be placed on maximizing blood circulation and tenderizing the muscles after an intense physical ordeal.

Thankfully, we have percussion therapy — the latest breakthrough in treatment for soft tissue.

$40/30 min

What is percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. This enhances the flow of blood to different critical areas, allowing for pain relief and subsequently improving function and range of motion.

It also provides a gentle stretch that in turn enhances flexibility, performance, and physical response.

How is it different?

 How percussion therapy differs from traditional massage is by desensitizing the surrounding area of a sore muscle by shocking the muscle fiber gradually until the target area is penetrated. This way, with the help of a percussion therapy device, we are able to target specific muscle soreness without noticing a lot of the pain that comes with it.

With traditional massage, human hands may not be able to penetrate those hard to reach areas and thus not take care of the root problem. Furthermore, it is sometimes even too painful to bear. With percussion therapy, you don’t experience the pain, only relief.


Who should use percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy is for anyone and everyone who is physically active. Athletes have tons of stiffness and sore muscles following their workouts that it’s a must to alleviate some of that to be able to maximize training. Even if you aren’t an athlete, percussion therapy helps a lot in the repair and recovery of your muscle fibers, which leaves you feeling a whole lot better.

Or perhaps you just have a sore back from sitting too long in front of your desk at the office. Percussion therapy is amazing and really works wonders.


The Benefits of a Percussion Massage

Percussion therapy relaxes thickened connective tissue, helps to break down adhesions and internal scar tissue, provides improved circulation in the veins and lymphatic system, enhances flexibility through gentle stretching, and increases range of movement.

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  • 30 Min Massage – $40

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