Aqua Massage

Aqua massage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage.

Aqua massage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage. An aqua massage machine looks similar to a tanning bed. All you need to do to prepare for the aqua massage is remove your shoes (no need to undress – in fact, we won’t let you!). After your shoes are removed you will lay down on the bed of the aqua massage machine. You will put on headphones to decrease noise and increase mental relaxation. The cover of the machine will come down over you. Then a bar with 36 water jets travels from your toes to your neck and back again and again for the duration of your massage. You will not get wet in an aqua massage machine; there is a barrier between you and the water.

$40- $58

What if I'm Claustrophobic?

You may still be able to enjoy an aqua massage if you are claustrophobic. Please let us know if you are claustrophobic and we will work with you! Your head is out of the machine when you have your massage and this may help your claustrophobic feelings. You can do a couple trial runs where the canopy of the machine is closed, but the water is not running, to let you get used to the feeling. The first couple times you use the machine, we can stay in the room with you – the idea that someone is there to help you may help. There is also an emergency stop button right at your fingertips and under your control, so you can stop the massage and get out of the machine if you feel uncomfortable.

If these methods don’t work, don’t push yourself. We’d rather lose your business than have you feel uncomfortable during your massage. You can still buy some products from our retail side of the store to help you relax at home!

Will aqua massage replace my massage therapist, chiropractor, or physical therapy visits?

It depends on the person. Some people may prefer aqua massages to these other treatments. Some people may prefer the other methods of treatment. And many people will find that aqua massage can be a perfect complement to these other forms of treatment.

Can I adjust my massage to my specific needs?

Yes! There are many different intensity levels that can be programmed into the machine. You can receive a light, gentle massage up to a very intense pressure for those of you who really have knots in your back or neck (like me)! The pressure can even be adjusted for different sections of your body. For example, if you really need to work on your lower back, but are a little more sensitive to so much pressure everywhere else, the machine can be programmed to suit your requirements. In addition, if you want to focus the massage on a certain spot, the machine can be paused any time you choose. You will have a control in your hand which allows you to pause the machine yourself whenever you want to.

How often should I get an aqua massage?

Ideally, once every week or two would be great! This will keep your muscles, and your mind, relaxed. Your muscles will not have a chance to become too tight and sore between massages. You can even come in more often if you are working on a specific injury or problem area. But, if you get too busy and forget to come in for a while, remember you can stop in again any time, we’ll be here for you!

Will I get wet?

No.  There is a waterproof barrier between you and the water jets.  It is a thin layer, so you will get all the benefits of the water pressure, but it does keep you from getting wet.


The Benefits of an Aqua Massage

Imagine how nice the jets of a whirlpool bath feel. Or the feeling of using a massaging shower head when you are taking a shower. An aqua massage gives you a similar experience, except it is even better! There are 36 water jets spraying at your body from many angles, not just the few jets focusing on one small area like with a massaging shower head. The jets travel up and down your body multiple times during your massage, giving you a full body massage. The sound and motion of the water are also very soothing.

Pricing & Packages


  • 30 Min  – $40
  • 40Min – $48
  • 55 Min – $58

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What They Say

Very professional and highly recommend!! Will go back for sure!!

-Rachel W.

Great Experience! Left feeling rejuvenated and breathing clearly. Will definitely be back.

– Dawn B.

So relaxing! A perfect getaway from the norm. Love it! I will be returning.

-Cynthia B.

First time for my mother’s birthday! Awesome services. Oxygen Bar and Water Massages were great! Left feeling relaxed and enjoy the experience!

Amazing results · Great deals
-Taz A.